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org::jmol::viewer::ActionManager Class Reference

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class  Gesture
class  HoverWatcher
class  MotionPoint
class  Mouse
class  TimeoutThread

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void clearTimeouts ()
void dispose ()
int getAtomPickingMode ()
String getBindingInfo (String qualifiers)
int getBondPickingMode ()
Hashtable getMouseInfo ()
String getPickingState ()
int getPickingStyle ()
Rectangle getRubberBand ()
void hoverOff ()
void hoverOn (int atomIndex)
boolean isMTClient ()
boolean isMTServer ()
void keyPressed (KeyEvent ke)
void keyReleased (KeyEvent ke)
void mouseAction (int action, long time, int x, int y, int count, int modifiers)
void mouseEntered (long time, int x, int y)
void mouseExited (long time, int x, int y)
void mouseReleased (long time, int x, int y, int modifiers)
void setModeMouse (int modeMouse)
void setMouseMode ()
void setPickingMode (int pickingMode)
void setPickingStyle (int pickingStyle)
void setTimeout (String name, int mSec, String script)
void setViewer (Viewer viewer, String commandOptions)
String showTimeout (String name)
synchronized void startHoverWatcher (boolean isStart)

Static Public Member Functions

static int getActionFromName (String name)
static String getActionName (int i)
static final int getPickingMode (String str)
static final String getPickingModeName (int pickingMode)
static final int getPickingStyle (String str)
static final String getPickingStyleName (int pickingStyle)

Static Public Attributes

static final int ACTION_assignNew = 42
static final int ACTION_center = 0
static final int ACTION_clickFrank = 15
static final int ACTION_connectAtoms = 41
static final int ACTION_count = 46
static final int ACTION_deleteAtom = 39
static final int ACTION_deleteBond = 40
static final int ACTION_depth = 12
static final int ACTION_dragAtom = 26
static final int ACTION_dragDrawObject = 31
static final int ACTION_dragDrawPoint = 30
static final int ACTION_dragLabel = 29
static final int ACTION_dragMinimize = 27
static final int ACTION_dragMinimizeMolecule = 28
static final int ACTION_dragSelected = 22
static final int ACTION_multiTouchSimulation = 45
static final int ACTION_navTranslate = 7
static final int ACTION_pickAtom = 32
static final int ACTION_pickIsosurface = 37
static final int ACTION_pickLabel = 34
static final int ACTION_pickMeasure = 35
static final int ACTION_pickNavigate = 38
static final int ACTION_pickPoint = 33
static final int ACTION_popupMenu = 14
static final int ACTION_reset = 43
static final int ACTION_rotate = 2
static final int ACTION_rotateBranch = 25
static final int ACTION_rotateSelected = 24
static final int ACTION_rotateZ = 3
static final int ACTION_rotateZorZoom = 4
static final int ACTION_select = 16
static final int ACTION_selectAndDrag = 23
static final int ACTION_selectAndNot = 19
static final int ACTION_selectNone = 17
static final int ACTION_selectOr = 20
static final int ACTION_selectToggle = 18
static final int ACTION_selectToggleExtended = 21
static final int ACTION_setMeasure = 36
static final int ACTION_slab = 11
static final int ACTION_slabAndDepth = 13
static final int ACTION_slideZoom = 6
static final int ACTION_spinDrawObjectCCW = 10
static final int ACTION_spinDrawObjectCW = 9
static final int ACTION_stopMotion = 44
static final int ACTION_swipe = 8
static final int ACTION_translate = 1
static final int ACTION_wheelZoom = 5
static final float DEFAULT_GESTURE_SWIPE_FACTOR = 1f
static final float DEFAULT_MOUSE_DRAG_FACTOR = 1f
static final float DEFAULT_MOUSE_WHEEL_FACTOR = 1.02f
static final int PICKING_ASSIGN_ATOM = 31
static final int PICKING_ASSIGN_BOND = 32
static final int PICKING_CENTER = 3
static final int PICKING_CONNECT = 24
static final int PICKING_DELETE_ATOM = 7
static final int PICKING_DELETE_BOND = 8
static final int PICKING_DRAG_ATOM = 27
static final int PICKING_DRAG_MINIMIZE = 28
static final int PICKING_DRAG_MOLECULE = 26
static final int PICKING_DRAW = 4
static final int PICKING_IDENTIFY = 1
static final int PICKING_IDENTIFY_BOND = 34
static final int PICKING_INVERT_STEREO = 30
static final int PICKING_LABEL = 2
static final int PICKING_MEASURE = 18
static final int PICKING_MEASURE_ANGLE = 20
static final int PICKING_MEASURE_DISTANCE = 19
static final int PICKING_MEASURE_SEQUENCE = 22
static final int PICKING_MEASURE_TORSION = 21
static final int PICKING_NAVIGATE = 23
static final int PICKING_OFF = 0
static final int PICKING_ROTATE_BOND = 33
static final int PICKING_SELECT_ATOM = 9
static final int PICKING_SELECT_CHAIN = 11
static final int PICKING_SELECT_ELEMENT = 17
static final int PICKING_SELECT_GROUP = 10
static final int PICKING_SELECT_MODEL = 16
static final int PICKING_SELECT_MOLECULE = 12
static final int PICKING_SELECT_POLYMER = 13
static final int PICKING_SELECT_SITE = 15
static final int PICKING_SELECT_STRUCTURE = 14
static final int PICKING_SPIN = 5
static final int PICKING_STRUTS = 25
static final int PICKING_SYMMETRY = 6
static final int PICKINGSTYLE_MEASURE_OFF = 5
static final int PICKINGSTYLE_MEASURE_ON = 4
static final int PICKINGSTYLE_SELECT_CHIME = 0
static final int PICKINGSTYLE_SELECT_DRAG = 3
static final int PICKINGSTYLE_SELECT_JMOL = 0
static final int PICKINGSTYLE_SELECT_PFAAT = 2

Protected Member Functions

void checkMotion (int cursor)
void clearBindings ()
void clearMouseInfo ()
float getExitRate ()
void setBinding (Binding newBinding)
void setCurrent (long time, int x, int y, int mods)
void zoomByFactor (int dz, int x, int y)

Protected Attributes

Binding binding
int clickedCount
final Mouse current = new Mouse()
Gesture dragGesture = new Gesture(20)
boolean haveMultiTouchInput = false
Thread hoverWatcherThread
boolean isMultiTouchClient
boolean isMultiTouchServer
float mouseDragFactor = DEFAULT_MOUSE_DRAG_FACTOR
float mouseWheelFactor = DEFAULT_MOUSE_WHEEL_FACTOR
final Mouse moved = new Mouse()
int pressedCount
Viewer viewer
int xyRange = 0

Static Protected Attributes


Package Functions

void bindAction (String desc, String name, Point3f range1, Point3f range2)
int getCurrentX ()
int getCurrentY ()
boolean isBound (int gesture, int action)
void setAtomPickingOption (String option)
void setBondPickingOption (String option)
void setGestureSwipeFactor (float factor)
void setMouseDragFactor (float factor)
void setMouseWheelFactor (float factor)
void unbindAction (String desc, String name)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

Binding dragBinding
Binding jmolBinding
Binding pfaatBinding
Binding predragBinding
Binding rasmolBinding
Hashtable timeouts

Private Member Functions

int addToMeasurement (int atomIndex, Point3fi nearestPoint, boolean dblClick)
void applySelectStyle (String item, int action)
void atomOrPointPicked (int atomIndex, Point3fi ptClicked, int action)
void calcRectRubberBand ()
void checkAction (int action, int x, int y, int deltaX, int deltaY, long time, int mode)
boolean checkMotionRotateZoom (int action, int x, int deltaX, int deltaY, boolean inMotion)
boolean checkPointOrAtomClicked (int x, int y, int mods, int clickedCount, boolean atomOnly, int mode)
void checkTwoAtomAction (int action, Point3fi ptClicked, int atomIndex)
boolean checkUserAction (int action, int x, int y, int deltaX, int deltaY, long time, int mode)
void enterMeasurementMode ()
void exitMeasurementMode ()
float getDegrees (int delta, int i)
BitSet getSelectionSet (String script)
void getSequence ()
boolean isRubberBandSelect (int action)
boolean isSelectAction (int action)
boolean isZoomArea (int x)
void minimize (boolean dragDone)
int queueAtom (int atomIndex, Point3fi ptClicked)
void resetMeasurement ()
void toggleMeasurement ()

Private Attributes

int atomPickingMode = PICKING_IDENTIFY
int bondPickingMode
final Mouse clicked = new Mouse()
int dragAtomIndex = -1
final Mouse dragged = new Mouse()
boolean dragSelectedMode = false
boolean drawMode = false
ScriptEvaluator eval
float gestureSwipeFactor = DEFAULT_GESTURE_SWIPE_FACTOR
boolean haveSelection
boolean hoverActive = false
boolean isAltKeyReleased = true
boolean isPickAtomAssignCharge
boolean keyProcessing
boolean labelMode = false
MeasurementPending measurementPending
MeasurementPending measurementQueued
boolean measuresEnabled = true
String pickAtomAssignType = "C"
char pickBondAssignType = 'p'
int pickingStyle
int pickingStyleMeasure = PICKINGSTYLE_MEASURE_OFF
int pickingStyleSelect = PICKINGSTYLE_SELECT_JMOL
final Mouse pressed = new Mouse()
int pressedAtomIndex
final Rectangle rectRubber = new Rectangle()
boolean rubberbandSelectionMode = false
boolean selectionWorking = false

Static Private Attributes

static final String[] actionInfo
static final String[] actionNames
static final long MAX_DOUBLE_CLICK_MILLIS = 700
static final String[] pickingModeNames
static final String[] pickingStyleNames
static final int SLIDE_ZOOM_X_PERCENT = 98

Detailed Description

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