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org::jmol::shapebio::CartoonRenderer Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jmol::shapebio::CartoonRenderer:
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Collaboration diagram for org::jmol::shapebio::CartoonRenderer:
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Public Member Functions

void render (JmolRendererInterface g3d, ModelSet modelSet, Shape shape)
boolean render1 (Mesh mesh)
final void setViewerG3dShapeID (Viewer viewer, JmolRendererInterface g3d, int shapeID)

Protected Member Functions

void calcRopeMidPoints (boolean isNewStyle)
void calcScreenControlPoints ()
void calcScreenControlPoints (Point3f[] points)
Point3i[] calcScreens (float offsetFraction)
void drawLine (int iA, int iB, boolean fill, Point3f vA, Point3f vB, Point3i sA, Point3i sB)
void exportSurface ()
short getLeadColix (int i)
void initRenderer ()
boolean isHelix (int i)
boolean isPolygonDisplayable (int i)
boolean isSheet (int i)
void render ()
void render1 ()
void render2 (boolean generateSet)
void renderBioShape (BioShape bioShape)
void renderCone (int i, Point3f pointBegin, Point3f pointEnd, Point3f screenPtBegin, Point3f screenPtEnd)
void renderHermiteArrowHead (int i)
void renderHermiteConic (int i, boolean thisTypeOnly)
void renderHermiteCylinder (Point3i[] screens, int i)
void renderHermiteRibbon (boolean doFill, int i, boolean thisTypeOnly)
void renderPending ()
void renderPoints ()
void renderSpecialSegment (Monomer monomer, short thisColix, short thisMad)
void renderTriangles (boolean fill, boolean iShowTriangles, boolean generateSet)

Protected Attributes

boolean antialias
BitSet bsFaces = new BitSet()
BitSet bsVisible = new BitSet()
short colix
short[] colixes
Point3f[] controlPoints
Point3i[] controlPointScreens
Point3f[] cordMidPoints
int diameter
int exportType
boolean frontOnly
JmolRendererInterface g3d
float imageFontScaling
boolean isCarbohydrate
boolean isNucleic
boolean isTranslucent
Point3f latticeOffset = new Point3f()
int[] leadAtomIndices
short mad
short madBeg
short madEnd
short madMid
short[] mads
Mesh mesh
ModelSet modelSet
int monomerCount
Monomer[] monomers
int myVisibilityFlag
short[] normixes
final Point3f pt1f = new Point3f()
final Point3i pt1i = new Point3i()
final Point3f pt2f = new Point3f()
final Point3i pt2i = new Point3i()
final Point3i pt3i = new Point3i()
boolean renderArrowHeads
Point3i[] ribbonBottomScreens
Point3i[] ribbonTopScreens
float scalePixelsPerMicron
Point3i[] screens
Shape shape
int shapeID
byte[] structureTypes
Point4f thePlane
boolean tPending
Vector3f[] transformedVectors
int vertexCount
Point3f[] vertices
Viewer viewer
float width
Vector3f[] wingVectors

Package Functions

 [instance initializer]
void buildArrowHeadBox (Point3f pointCorner, Vector3f scaledWidthVector, Vector3f scaledHeightVector, Point3f pointTip)
void buildBox (Point3f pointCorner, Vector3f scaledWidthVector, Vector3f scaledHeightVector, Vector3f lengthVector)
void drawArrowHeadBox (Point3f base, Point3f tip)
void drawBox (Point3f pointA, Point3f pointB)
void renderNucleic ()

Package Attributes

int diameterEnd
int diameterMid
boolean doCap1
int iNext
int iNext2
int iNext3
Point3i ptConnect = new Point3i()

Private Member Functions

void renderLenotisWesthofEdges (NucleicMonomer nucleotide, short thisMad, Point3i backboneScreen)
void renderNucleicBaseStep (NucleicMonomer nucleotide, short thisMad, Point3i backboneScreen)
void renderRing5 ()
void renderRing6 ()
void renderRockets ()
void renderTriangle (Point3f[] ring6Points2)

Private Attributes

short colixHoogsteenEdge
short colixSugarEdge
short colixWatsonCrickEdge
boolean newRockets = true
boolean renderAsRockets
boolean renderEdges
final Point3f[] ring5Points = new Point3f[5]
final Point3i[] ring5Screens = new Point3i[5]
final Point3f[] ring6Points = new Point3f[6]
final Point3i[] ring6Screens = new Point3i[6]

Detailed Description

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