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org::jmol::shape::Text Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

boolean checkObjectClicked (int x, int y, BitSet bsVisible)
String getScript ()
String getState ()
void setAdjustForWindow (boolean TF)
void setImage (Image image)
void setMovableX (int x)
void setMovableXPercent (int x)
void setMovableY (int y)
void setMovableYPercent (int y)
void setMovableZ (int z)
void setMovableZPercent (int z)
void setScalePixelsPerMicron (float scalePixelsPerMicron)
void setScript (String script)
void setVisibility (boolean TF)
void setXYZ (Point3f xyz)
void setXYZs (int x, int y, int z, int zSlab)

Static Public Member Functions

static int getOffset (int xOffset, int yOffset)
static boolean setProperty (String propertyName, Object value, Object2d currentObject)

Public Attributes

int valign
Point3f xyz

Static Public Attributes

final static int ALIGN_LEFT = 1
static final int POINTER_BACKGROUND = 2
static final int POINTER_NONE = 0
static final int POINTER_ON = 1
final static int VALIGN_XY = 0
final static int VALIGN_XYZ = 4

Protected Member Functions

void drawPointer (JmolRendererInterface g3d)
void recalc ()
void setBoxOffsetsInWindow (float margin, float vMargin, float vTop)
void setWindow (JmolRendererInterface g3d, float scalePixelsPerMicron)

Protected Attributes

boolean adjustForWindow
int align
short bgcolix
float boxWidth
final float[] boxXY = new float[2]
short colix
JmolRendererInterface g3d
boolean isLabelOrHover
int movableX
int movableXPercent = Integer.MAX_VALUE
int movableY
int movableYPercent = Integer.MAX_VALUE
int movableZ
int movableZPercent = Integer.MAX_VALUE
int offsetX
int offsetY
int pointer
float scalePixelsPerMicron
String script
Viewer viewer
int windowHeight
int windowWidth
int z
int zSlab

Static Protected Attributes

final static int ALIGN_CENTER = 2
final static int ALIGN_NONE = 0
final static int ALIGN_RIGHT = 3
static final String[] hAlignNames
final static int VALIGN_BOTTOM = 2
final static int VALIGN_MIDDLE = 3
final static int VALIGN_TOP = 1
final static String[] vAlignNames = { "xy", "top", "bottom", "middle" }

Package Functions

String fixText (String text)
float getScalePixelsPerMicron ()
void render (JmolRendererInterface g3d, float scalePixelsPerMicron, float imageFontScaling, boolean isExact)
boolean setAlignment (String align)
boolean setAlignment (int align)
void setBgColix (short colix)
void setBgColix (Object value)
void setColix (short colix)
void setColix (Object value)
void setFid (byte fid)
void setFont (Font3D f3d)
void setFontScale (float scale)
void setModel (int modelIndex)
void setOffset (int offset)
void setPointer (int pointer)
void setText (String text)
void setTranslucent (float level, boolean isBackground)
void setXY (int x, int y)
void setZs (int z, int zSlab)
 Text (Viewer viewer, Graphics3D g3d, Font3D font, String target, short colix, int valign, int align, float scalePixelsPerMicron)
 Text (JmolRendererInterface g3d, Font3D font, String text, short colix, short bgcolix, int x, int y, int z, int zSlab, int textAlign, float scalePixelsPerMicron)

Static Package Functions

static String getAlignment (int align)
static String getPointer (int pointer)
static int getXOffset (int offset)
static int getYOffset (int offset)
static final void renderSimpleLabel (JmolRendererInterface g3d, Font3D font, String strLabel, short colix, short bgcolix, float[] boxXY, int z, int zSlab, int xOffset, int yOffset, float ascent, int descent, boolean doPointer, short pointerColix, boolean isExact)

Package Attributes

float boxHeight
float boxX
float boxY
Font3D font
boolean hidden = false
Image image
int modelIndex = -1
String target
String textUnformatted
boolean visible = true

Private Member Functions

void formatText ()
void getFontMetrics ()
void setPosition (float scale)
int stringWidth (String str)

Static Private Member Functions

static void setBoxXY (float boxWidth, float boxHeight, float xOffset, float yOffset, float[] boxXY, boolean isExact)
static void showBox (JmolRendererInterface g3d, short colix, short bgcolix, int x, int y, int z, int zSlab, int boxWidth, int boxHeight, float imageFontScaling, boolean atomBased)

Private Attributes

int ascent
int descent
boolean doFormatText
byte fid
FontMetrics fm
float fontScale
int lineHeight
String[] lines
String text
int textHeight
int textWidth
int[] widths

Detailed Description

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