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org::jmol::shape::Measures Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jmol::shape::Measures:
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Collaboration diagram for org::jmol::shape::Measures:
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Public Member Functions

void checkBoundsMinMax (Point3f pointMin, Point3f pointMax)
Point3fi checkObjectClicked (int x, int y, int modifiers, BitSet bsVisible)
boolean checkObjectDragged (int prevX, int prevY, int x, int y, int modifiers, BitSet bsVisible)
boolean checkObjectHovered (int x, int y, BitSet bsVisible)
void findNearestAtomIndex (int xMouse, int yMouse, Atom[] closest, BitSet bsNot)
String getColorCommand (String type, short colix)
String getColorCommand (String type, byte pid, short colix)
int getIndexFromName (String thisID)
boolean getProperty (String property, Object[] data)
Object getProperty (String property, int index)
List getShapeDetail ()
String getShapeState ()
int getSize (Group group)
int getSize (int atomIndex)
Viewer getViewer ()
final void initializeShape (Viewer viewer, Graphics3D g3d, ModelSet modelSet, int shapeID)
void initShape ()
void merge (Shape shape)
void processNextMeasure (Measurement m)
short setColix (short colix, byte paletteID, int atomIndex)
void setModelClickability ()
void setModelSet (ModelSet modelSet)
void setProperty (String propertyName, Object value, BitSet bsIgnored)
void setShapeProperty (String propertyName, Object value, BitSet bsSelected)
void setShapeSize (int size, RadiusData rd, BitSet bsSelected)
void setVisibilityFlags (BitSet bs)
boolean wasClicked (int x, int y)

Static Public Member Functions

static void appendCmd (StringBuffer s, String cmd)
static short getColix (short[] colixes, int i, Atom atom)
static String getFontCommand (String type, Font3D font)
static String getShapeCommands (Hashtable htDefine, Hashtable htMore, String selectCmd)
static String getShapeCommands (Hashtable htDefine, Hashtable htMore)
static void setStateInfo (Hashtable ht, int i, String key)
static void setStateInfo (Hashtable ht, int i1, int i2, String key)

Public Attributes

Graphics3D g3d
boolean isBioShape
ModelSet modelSet
int myVisibilityFlag
int shapeID
Viewer viewer

Static Public Attributes

static final float RADIUS_MAX = 4

Protected Member Functions

int coordinateInRange (int x, int y, Point3f vertex, int dmin2, Point3i ptXY)
void initModelSet ()
short setColix (short colix, byte paletteID, Atom atom)
short setColix (short colix, byte paletteID, Bond bond)
void setSize (int size, BitSet bsSelected)
void setSize (RadiusData rd, BitSet bsSelected)

Protected Attributes

boolean translucentAllowed = true
float translucentLevel
List xmlProperties

Package Functions

void setVisibilityInfo ()

Static Package Functions

static String encodeColor (short colix)

Package Attributes

short colix
TickInfo defaultTickInfo
Font3D font3d
short mad = (short)-1
int measurementCount = 0
MeasurementPending measurementPending
final List measurements = new ArrayList()
TickInfo tickInfo

Private Member Functions

void clear ()
void define (int iPt, Measurement m, boolean isDelete, boolean isShow, boolean doSelect)
void define (MeasurementData md, int tokAction)
void defineMeasurement (int i, Measurement m, boolean doSelect)
void delete (Measurement m)
void delete (Object value)
void deleteMeasurement (int i)
int find (Measurement m)
List getAllInfo ()
String getAllInfoAsString ()
Hashtable getInfo (int index)
String getInfoAsString (int index)
String getState (int index)
void pending (MeasurementPending measurementPending)
void reformatDistances ()
void setColor (short colix)
void setFormats (String format)
void setIndices ()
Measurement setSingleItem (List vector)
void showHide (Measurement m, boolean isHide)
void showHide (boolean isHide)
void toggle (Measurement m)
void toggleOn (int[] indices)

Private Attributes

Atom[] atoms
BitSet bsColixSet
BitSet bsSelected
boolean mustBeConnected = false
boolean mustNotBeConnected = false
float[] rangeMinMax = {Float.MAX_VALUE, Float.MAX_VALUE}
String strFormat
int tokAction

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file Measures.java.

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