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org::jmol::script::ScriptMathProcessor Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

Point3f ptValue (ScriptVariable x, boolean allowFloat) throws ScriptException

Static Protected Member Functions

static Quaternion[] getQuaternionArray (Object quaternionOrSVData)

Package Functions

boolean addOp (Token op) throws ScriptException
boolean addOp (Token op, boolean allowMathFunc) throws ScriptException
boolean addX (ScriptVariable x)
boolean addX (Object x)
boolean addX (BitSet bs)
boolean addX (Point3f pt)
boolean addXNum (ScriptVariable x) throws ScriptException
void dumpStacks (String message)
ScriptVariable getResult (boolean allowUnderflow) throws ScriptException
 ScriptMathProcessor (ScriptEvaluator eval, boolean isArrayItem, boolean asVector, boolean asBitSet)

Static Package Functions

static Matrix4f getMatrix4f (Matrix3f matRotate, Tuple3f vTranslate)

Private Member Functions

boolean addX (boolean x)
boolean addX (int x)
boolean addX (float x)
boolean doBitsetSelect ()
boolean evaluateArray (ScriptVariable[] args, boolean allowMatrix)
boolean evaluateBin (ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateColor (ScriptVariable[] args)
boolean evaluateCompare (ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateConnected (ScriptVariable[] args)
boolean evaluateCross (ScriptVariable[] args)
boolean evaluateData (ScriptVariable[] args)
boolean evaluateDot (ScriptVariable[] args, int tok) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateFind (ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateFunction (int tok) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateGetProperty (ScriptVariable[] args)
boolean evaluateHelix (ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateLabel (int intValue, ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateList (int tok, ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateLoad (ScriptVariable[] args, int tok)
boolean evaluateMath (ScriptVariable[] args, int tok)
boolean evaluateMeasure (ScriptVariable[] args, int tok) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluatePlane (ScriptVariable[] args, int tok) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluatePoint (ScriptVariable[] args)
boolean evaluatePrompt (ScriptVariable[] args)
boolean evaluateQuaternion (ScriptVariable[] args, int tok) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateRandom (ScriptVariable[] args)
boolean evaluateReplace (ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateRowCol (ScriptVariable[] args, int tok) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateScript (ScriptVariable[] args, int tok) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateSort (ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateString (int tok, ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateSubstructure (ScriptVariable[] args, int tok) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateSymop (ScriptVariable[] args, boolean haveBitSet) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateUserFunction (String name, ScriptVariable[] args, int tok, boolean isSelector) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateVolume (ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateWithin (ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean evaluateWrite (ScriptVariable[] args) throws ScriptException
boolean getBoundBox (ScriptVariable x2)
boolean getPointOrBitsetOperation (Token op, ScriptVariable x2) throws ScriptException
ScriptVariable getX () throws ScriptException
boolean operate () throws ScriptException
Point4f planeValue (Token x)
void putIf (char c)
void putOp (Token op)
void putX (ScriptVariable x)

Static Private Member Functions

static Object getMinMax (Object floatOrSVArray, int tok)
static Object getMinMaxPoint (Object pointOrSVArray, int tok)
static Object getMinMaxQuaternion (Object quaternionOrSVData, int tok)
static boolean isOpFunc (Token op)

Private Attributes

boolean asBitSet
boolean asVector
int braceCount
int equalCount
ScriptEvaluator eval
boolean haveSpaceBeforeSquare
int ifPt = -1
char[] ifStack = new char[8]
int incrementX
boolean isArrayItem
boolean isSyntaxCheck
boolean logMessages
int oPt = -1
Token[] oStack = new Token[8]
int parenCount
int ptid = 0
int ptx = Integer.MAX_VALUE
boolean skipping
int squareCount
Viewer viewer
boolean wasSyntaxCheck
boolean wasX
int xPt = -1
ScriptVariable[] xStack = new ScriptVariable[8]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file ScriptMathProcessor.java.

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