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org::jmol::script::ScriptCompilationTokenParser Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jmol::script::ScriptCompilationTokenParser:
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Collaboration diagram for org::jmol::script::ScriptCompilationTokenParser:
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Protected Member Functions

boolean commandExpected ()
boolean compileExpression ()
boolean compileExpressions ()
boolean error (int error, String value)
boolean error (int iError, String value, String more)
boolean error (String errorMessage, String strUntranslated)
boolean error (int error)
boolean isUserFunction (String name)
int tokAt (int i)

Static Protected Member Functions

static boolean tokenAttr (Token token, int tok)

Protected Attributes

Token[] atokenInfix
String errorLine
String errorMessage
String errorMessageUntranslated
String errorType
Map htUserFunctions
int ichCurrentCommand
int ichToken
int iCommand
boolean isCommaAsOrAllowed
boolean isEmbeddedExpression
boolean isMathExpressionCommand
boolean isNewSet
boolean isSetBrace
boolean isSetOrDefine
int itokenInfix
Token lastFlowCommand
Token lastToken
short lineCurrent
boolean logMessages = false
int nTokens
int ptNewSetModifier
String script
int theTok
Token theToken
int tokCommand
Token tokenAndEquals
Token tokenCommand
Viewer viewer

Static Protected Attributes

static final int ERROR_badArgumentCount = 0
static final int ERROR_badContext = 1
static final int ERROR_commandExpected = 2
static final int ERROR_endOfCommandUnexpected = 4
static final int ERROR_invalidExpressionToken = 9
static final int ERROR_missingEnd = 11
static final int ERROR_tokenExpected = 15
static final int ERROR_tokenUnexpected = 16
static final int ERROR_unrecognizedParameter = 18
static final int ERROR_unrecognizedToken = 19

Static Package Functions

static String errorString (int iError, String value, String more, boolean translated)

Package Attributes

boolean haveString
int ichComment
int ichEnd
boolean isStateScript

Private Member Functions

boolean addNextToken ()
boolean addNextTokenIf (int tok)
boolean addSubstituteTokenIf (int tok, Token token)
boolean addTokenToPostfix (int tok, Object value)
boolean addTokenToPostfix (Token token)
boolean addTokenToPostfix (int tok, int intValue, Object value)
boolean checkForCoordinate (boolean isImplicitExpression)
boolean checkForItemSelector (boolean allowNumeric)
boolean clauseAlternateSpec ()
boolean clauseAnd ()
boolean clauseAtomSpec ()
boolean clauseCell ()
boolean clauseChainSpec (int tok)
boolean clauseComparator (boolean isOptional)
boolean clauseConnected ()
boolean clauseDefine (boolean haveToken, boolean forceString)
boolean clauseItemSelector ()
boolean clauseModelSpec ()
boolean clauseNot ()
boolean clauseOr (boolean allowComma)
boolean clausePrimitive ()
boolean clauseResidueSpec ()
boolean clauseResNameSpec ()
boolean clauseSequenceSpec ()
boolean clauseSubstructure ()
boolean clauseWithin ()
float floatValue ()
boolean generateResidueSpecCode (Token token)
boolean getNumericalToken ()
Token getSequenceCode (boolean isSecond)
Token getToken ()
int intPeek ()
boolean isError ()
boolean isExpressionNext ()
boolean isSpecTerminator (int tok)
boolean isToken (int tok)
boolean moreTokens ()
boolean returnToken ()
boolean tokenNext (int tok)
Token tokenNext ()
int tokPeek ()
boolean tokPeek (int tok)
Object valuePeek ()

Private Attributes

List ltokenPostfix
boolean residueSpecCodeGenerated
Object theValue

Static Private Attributes

static final int ERROR_coordinateExpected = 3
static final int ERROR_endOfExpressionExpected = 5
static final int ERROR_identifierOrResidueSpecificationExpected = 6
static final int ERROR_invalidAtomSpecification = 7
static final int ERROR_invalidChainSpecification = 8
static final int ERROR_invalidModelSpecification = 10
static final int ERROR_numberExpected = 12
static final int ERROR_numberOrVariableNameExpected = 13
static final int ERROR_residueSpecificationExpected = 14
static final int ERROR_unrecognizedExpressionToken = 17

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file ScriptCompilationTokenParser.java.

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