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org::jmol::script::ParallelProcessor Class Reference

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class  Process
class  RunProcess

Public Member Functions

String getSignature ()
boolean isVariable (String ident)
void runAllProcesses (Viewer viewer, boolean inParallel)
String toString ()
void unsetVariables (Hashtable contextVariables, List params)

Static Public Member Functions

static Object getExecutor ()

Public Attributes

Token[][] aatoken
String name

Protected Attributes

String typeName

Package Functions

void addProcess (String name, ScriptContext context)
void addVariable (String name, boolean isParameter)
void clearShapeManager (Error er)
void mergeResults ()
 ParallelProcessor (String name, int tok)
void setVariables (Hashtable contextVariables, List params)

Static Package Functions

static void setFunction (ScriptFunction function, String script, int ichCurrentCommand, int pt, short[] lineNumbers, int[][] lineIndices, List lltoken)

Package Attributes

int chpt0
int cmdpt0 = -1
volatile int counter = 0
volatile Error error = null
int[][] lineIndices
short[] lineNumbers
Object lock = new Object()
List names = new ArrayList()
int nParameters
List processes = new ArrayList()
int pt0
ScriptVariable returnValue
String script
int tok
Hashtable variables = new Hashtable()
Viewer viewer
volatile List vShapeManagers = null

Private Member Functions

void runProcess (final Process process, boolean allowParallel)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file ParallelProcessor.java.

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