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org::jmol::minimize::forcefield::ForceFieldUFF Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jmol::minimize::forcefield::ForceFieldUFF:
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Collaboration diagram for org::jmol::minimize::forcefield::ForceFieldUFF:
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Public Member Functions

boolean detectExplosion ()
double energyFull (boolean gradients, boolean isSilent)
String getAtomList (String title)
List getAtomTypes ()
int getCurrentStep ()
double getEnergy ()
double getEnergyDiff ()
String getLogData ()
void setConstraints (Minimizer m)
void setModel (Minimizer m)
boolean setup ()
void steepestDescentInitialize (int stepMax, double criterion)
boolean steepestDescentTakeNSteps (int n)

Protected Member Functions

Hashtable getFFParameters ()

Package Functions

double energyAngle (boolean gradients)
double energyBond (boolean gradients)
double energyES (boolean gradients)
double energyOOP (boolean gradients)
double energyStrBnd (boolean gradients)
double energyTorsion (boolean gradients)
double energyVDW (boolean gradients)
double getNormalizedDE ()

Package Attributes

int atomCount
MinAtom[] atoms
int bondCount
MinBond[] bonds
BitSet bsFixed
Calculations calc
int currentStep
double dE
double e0
Minimizer minimizer

Static Package Attributes

static final int EANGLE = (1 << 2)
 angle term
static final int EBOND = (1 << 1)
 bond term
static final int EELECTROSTATIC = (1 << 7)
 electrostatic term
static final int ENERGY = (1 << 0)
 all terms
static final int EOOP = (1 << 5)
 oop term
static final int ESTRBND = (1 << 3)
 strbnd term
static final int ETORSION = (1 << 4)
 torsion term
static final int EVDW = (1 << 6)
 vdw term

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file ForceFieldUFF.java.

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