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org::jmol::export::_PovrayExporter Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jmol::export::_PovrayExporter:
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Collaboration diagram for org::jmol::export::_PovrayExporter:
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Public Attributes

short lineWidthMad

Protected Member Functions

void fillConicalCylinder (Point3f screenA, Point3f screenB, int madBond, short colix, byte endcaps)
void fillTriangle (short colix, Point3f ptA, Point3f ptB, Point3f ptC, boolean twoSided)
List getColorList (int i00, short[] colixes, int nVertices, BitSet bsSelected, Hashtable htColixes)
String getJmolPerspective ()
Matrix3f getRotationMatrix (Point3f pt1, Point3f pt2, float radius)
Matrix3f getRotationMatrix (Point3f pt1, Point3f ptZ, float radius, Point3f ptX, Point3f ptY)
Point3f getScreenNormal (Point3f pt, Vector3f normal, float factor)
void output (String data)
void output (Tuple3f pt)
void outputCircle (int x, int y, int z, float radius, short colix, boolean doFill)
void outputComment (String comment)
void outputCone (Point3f screenBase, Point3f screenTip, float radius, short colix)
void outputCylinder (Point3f screenA, Point3f screenB, float radius, short colix, boolean withCaps)
void outputCylinderConical (Point3f screenA, Point3f screenB, float radius1, float radius2, short colix)
void outputEllipsoid (Point3f center, float radius, double[] coef, short colix)
void outputFooter ()
void outputHeader ()
void outputJmolPerspective ()
void outputSphere (float x, float y, float z, float radius, short colix)
void outputSurface (Point3f[] vertices, Vector3f[] normals, short[] colixes, int[][] indices, short[] polygonColixes, int nVertices, int nPolygons, int nFaces, BitSet bsFaces, int faceVertexMax, short colix, List colorList, Hashtable htColixes, Point3f offset)
void outputTextPixel (int x, int y, int z, int argb)
void outputTriangle (Point3f ptA, Point3f ptB, Point3f ptC, short colix)
void outputVertex (Point3f pt, Point3f offset)
void outputVertices (Point3f[] vertices, int nVertices, Point3f offset)
String rgbFractionalFromColix (short colix, char sep)

Static Protected Member Functions

static MeshSurface getConeMesh (Point3f centerBase, Matrix3f matRotateScale, short colix)
static String getExportDate ()
static String opacityFractionalFromArgb (int argb)
static String opacityFractionalFromColix (short colix)
static String rgbFractionalFromArgb (int argb, char sep)
static String round (double number)
static String round (Tuple3f pt)
static void setTempVertex (Point3f pt, Point3f offset, Point3f ptTemp)
static String translucencyFractionalFromColix (short colix)

Protected Attributes

float aperatureAngle
short backgroundColix
BufferedWriter bw
float cameraDistance
Point3f cameraPosition
final Point3f center = new Point3f()
String commandLineOptions
String commentChar
int depthZ
String fileName
Point3f fixedRotationCenter
Graphics3D g3d
boolean isSlabEnabled
boolean isToFile
JmolRendererInterface jmolRenderer
Point3f lightSource = Graphics3D.getLightSource()
int minScreenDimension
int nBytes
StringBuffer output
Point3f referenceCenter
float scalePixelsPerAngstrom
int screenHeight
int screenWidth
int slabZ
final AxisAngle4f tempA = new AxisAngle4f()
final Point3f tempP1 = new Point3f()
final Point3f tempP2 = new Point3f()
final Point3f tempP3 = new Point3f()
final Vector3f tempV1 = new Vector3f()
final Vector3f tempV2 = new Vector3f()
final Vector3f tempV3 = new Vector3f()
Viewer viewer

Static Protected Attributes

final static float degreesPerRadian = (float) (180 / Math.PI)

Package Functions

void drawAtom (Atom atom)
void drawCircle (int x, int y, int z, int diameter, short colix, boolean doFill)
void drawCylinder (Point3f screenA, Point3f screenB, short colix1, short colix2, byte endcaps, int madBond, int bondOrder)
boolean drawEllipse (Point3f ptAtom, Point3f ptX, Point3f ptY, short colix, boolean doFill)
void drawFilledCircle (short colixRing, short colixFill, int diameter, int x, int y, int z)
void drawPixel (short colix, int x, int y, int z, int scale)
void drawSurface (int nVertices, int nPolygons, int faceVertexMax, Point3f[] vertices, Vector3f[] normals, short[] colixes, int[][] indices, short[] polygonColixes, BitSet bsFaces, short colix, Point3f offset)
void drawTextPixel (int argb, int x, int y, int z)
void fillConeScreen (short colix, byte endcap, int screenDiameter, Point3f screenBase, Point3f screenTip)
void fillCylinderScreen (short colix, byte endcaps, int screenDiameter, Point3f screenA, Point3f screenB)
void fillCylinderScreenMad (short colix, byte endcaps, int diameter, Point3f screenA, Point3f screenB)
void fillEllipsoid (Point3f center, Point3f[] points, short colix, int x, int y, int z, int diameter, Matrix3f toEllipsoidal, double[] coef, Matrix4f deriv, Point3i[] octantPoints)
void fillSphere (short colix, int diameter, Point3f pt)
String finalizeOutput ()
boolean initializeOutput (Viewer viewer, Graphics3D g3d, Object output)
void plotImage (int x, int y, int z, Image image, short bgcolix, int width, int height)
void plotText (int x, int y, int z, short colix, String text, Font3D font3d)
void setRenderer (JmolRendererInterface jmolRenderer)

Package Attributes

int exportType

Private Member Functions

String color4 (short colix)
String getAuxiliaryFileData ()
String triad (int[] i)
String triad (Tuple3f pt)
void writeMacros ()
void writeMacrosAtom ()
void writeMacrosBond ()
void writeMacrosFinish ()
void writeMacrosTextPixel ()
void writeMacrosTriangle ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file _PovrayExporter.java.

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